Charges for Customer Connection Services

A customer who receives customer connection services under an Interim Deemed Standard Connection Contract is not required to pay Envestra charges for customer connection services.  Envestra’s charges for customer connection services are included in the tariffs which are payable to Envestra by the customer’s retailer.

In the case of new connection services, Envestra does not charge for the basic connection service (unless Envestra or its representatives are unable to gain safe and unhindered access to premises, so that a repeat visit becomes necessary, in which case Envestra imposes a repeat visit fee).

For information on Envestra’s tariffs for the Wagga Wagga distribution network, click here.


Where Connection Charges Apply

Envestra may charge for a new connection that is not a basic connection service e.g. where an extension of the gas main to the customer's premises is required..

Charges depend on several factors which include:

  • How close the gas main is to the property.
  • Where the gas meter is going to be located.
  • Accessibility of the property.

If you are;

  • a licensed plumber;
  • a licensed builder;
  • undertaking a subdivision;
  • undertaking construction of multiple new residential premises; or
  • undertaking construction of a commercial or industrial premises;

click here to complete an enquiry form, or call our Natural Gas Connection Line on 1300 001 001.

All other connection enquiries should be made direct to your gas retailer.