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This service is currently available for builders in Queensland, and builders and appliance retail stores in South Australia to lodge natural gas connections. If you are a new user to this site, please contact the APA Marketing Team in SA on (08) 8159 1615 or (08) 8159 1805 to enquire about setting up an account.



This Portal will soon be upgraded and replaced with a new Portal in March 2019.

If you are a current Portal user, please refer to your email for recent correspondence from us about this upcoming change. We will continue to send you email updates as we move closer to launch. If you have any questions about the new Portal, contact your APA New Home Representative, or contact Rochelle Colon (APA Marketing) on 08 8115 4443.


APA New Home Representatives:

QLD: Melony Brand (0437 015 025) / Tracy Shayler (0438 708 798)

SA: Sharon Dedecke (0418 820 461) / Jon Bush (0407 820 663)